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Red Clay & Hibiscus Face Mask

Red Clay & Hibiscus Face Mask

There are many benefits of using clay masks on our skin, including adding minerals and nutrients, absorbing oil and dirt, and tightening our pores. Different clays offer different benefits, so you should choose a mask blend that will benefit your specific needs.

Red clay is also a powerful antiseptic, and further purifies the deeper layers of the dermis. Red clay also has astringent properties, and it is a powerful remedy to promote and stimulate healing and the formation of scars, as it is absorbed very easily and helps drain any impurities in the application zone.

Hibiscus flowers have everything you need in a skincare ingredient—they hydrate, lift, exfoliate and tighten, all at the same time. Some people have even compared its elastin and collagen producing qualities to those of Botox, as hibiscus can leave skin refreshed and more supple in time.

Simply mix 1-2 heaped teaspoons of the dry clay mask with your liquid of your choice. Some favorite options are tea, yogurt, honey, milk or plain water.

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