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Green Clay, Aloe Vera & Cucumber  Face Mask

Green Clay, Aloe Vera & Cucumber Face Mask

There are many benefits of using clay masks on our skin, including adding minerals and nutrients, absorbing oil and dirt, and tightening our pores. Different clays offer different benefits, so you should choose a mask blend that will benefit your specific needs.

Green clay gently cleans and decongests the skin. It is a natural exfoliant and stimulant, and also works as a pore-tightening toner. Regular use can rebalance, soften and brighten the skin to improve overall complexion.

Aloe vera contains exfoliating enzymes that remove dead skin cells to allow our skin to breathe and give our circulation a boost. It works like a treat on oily skin and prevents clogged pores caused by excess sebum.

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, they make for a great skin-care routine and reduce all types of skin-problems. Apart from these benefits, cucumber face masks also help to sooth under eye bags and puffiness. It calms our skin and soothes our tired eyes.

Simply mix 1-2 heaped teaspoons of the dry clay mask with your liquid of your choice. Some favorite options are tea, yogurt, honey, milk or plain water.

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